Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Swedish Joke....

Here is one that describes the kind of objective journalism covering events in Israel, especially but not only in Sweden...

An Israeli on vacation in Stockholm sees a crazy dog attacking a small, freightened girl. He orders his cab driver to stop, jumps out of the cab, struggles with the dog and kills it in the end. Bystanders call the local newspaper and a journalist arrives within minutes at the scene, where the bloodied Israeli is still holding the shivering girl. After inquiring what exactly happened the journalist tells the Israeli: "Wow, what a story! You are a hero! The headline will be "Swede saves girl from attack dog." Replies the Israeli: "But I am not Swede!" "Of course, what was I thinking, why would you speak English, and with that funny accent. Okay, so we'll write "European saves little girl from attack dog - how's that?"" Whispers the Israeli: "Well, better, but I am also not a European." "So what are you?" "Israeli." The journalist makes an astonished face, looks at the little girl, turns around and walks away without a word.

The headline the next day reads "Crazy Israeli kills loved pet of little Swedish girl".

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Anonymous said...

I live in Norway, antisemitism is just a tiny part of the idiocy in the media and among the public here.

If Sweden is even worse i sure wouldn't want to live there.

Greetings, drage lun.