Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Solution For The Gaza Blockade

Here is my solution for Gaza. Since we, the Israelis, are in the eyes of the world the evil prison wardens, hoping to starve the population into submission, I suggest to hand the administration of Gaza's external borders over to the world. Not the whole world of course, because that would mean the UN, and the UN has yet to prove effective in administrating any border in this region (ask me about this one, if you wonder what I mean...). Not Egypt, of course, as they already share one border with Gaza and have supported the blockade nicely for the last couple of years.

No, the real expert for how to deal with Gaza, the humanitarian crisis and the Hamas is the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who has publicly cursed Israel for the "massacres" during the Gaza War of 2008 and the "humanitarian flotilla attack". So, here we have an expert on dealing with radical Palestinians, who also knows how to keep his own problem in form of the PKK in check, in cooperation with the Iranians and without the oh-so-busy-with-Israel world opinion even noticing.

Therefore I suggest to open the Gaza strip, both the harbour and the airport, under the condition that Turkish customs officers police the border crossings. I am sure they will know better how to bring everything in, except for missiles, mortars, TNT and other goodies that really don't help that much with the humanitarian crisis.

If you promise to keep me and my family alive, Mr. Erdogan, I am willing to give you the Gaza strip. How's that for a deal?


Martin Unger said...

Was erlauben sich die Türken? Stellen einen Konvoi mit allen Besserwissern und ideologieverblendeten Gutmenschen zusammen und erzwingen Israels Reaktion, nur um sich anschließend als Super-Islamis wichtig zu machen. Bäh, was für eine durchsichtige Nummer! Und hilfreich ist sie auch nicht. Mich wundert immer, wo diese Leute herkommen, die sich da als Begleiter andienen! Ich hab jetzt über die EU seit Jahren jeden Scheiß im Gaza-Streifen finanziert,damit endlich Frieden ist, und möchte jetzt, dass die Hamas mal dafür zur Rechenschaft gezogen wird, was mit dem Geld passiert ist. Sollen doch die Scheiß Saudis mal in die Tasche greifen. Waffen kaufen kann jeder, Humanität ist eine Leistung! Außerdem stellt sich dann der Frieden wie von selbst ein! Wetten?

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm not too brilliant - I had to read this several times before I realized you're joking.

Greetings from drage lun.

Armin in Israel said...

I'm sorry, it's not you, it's me....

You didn't pick up that I'm joking, because in essence I'm not joking. The Turks are eager for a bigger role in the Israeli - Palestinian mess, so let's give it to them. They'll burn their fingers just like everybody else so far, and that will calm them down. And should they succeed to bring peace to this region, we'd be better off. Welcome the Turks, I say!