Monday, January 26, 2009

The Taliban in the IDF

Without anybody noticing, the Taliban have arrived at the Israeli Defense Forces (click on the title to read the Haaretz article). They masquerade as Rabbis and abuse the public trust into the IDF's rabbinate in order to educate Israeli soldiers to behave like Taliban, Hamas or Hezbollah warriors. "Show no mercy to the cruel" sounds a lot like "show no mercy to the infidels" to me, in my humble opinion.

The only thing that separates us and them now is that common Israeli soldiers subjected to that kind of teachings came forward and reported the intellectual garbage to the press, for all of us to read and get goose bumps. Free minds and a free press are the only thing standing between us and the final abyss.

Still there are islands of reason and common sense left, but where is all of that leading us? If Rabbi Ronzki will still be the Chief Rabbi of the IDF in a couple of months from now, it is time to pack up and move to Afghanistan, I'd say. At least the property prices there are a lot more reasonable.

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Martin Unger said...

Du hast ja so recht. Es geht bei diesem Konflikt nur um die Glaubwürdigkeit. Sie sichert Israel meine Unterstützung und die Unterstützung der freien und vernünftigen Welt. Auf der anderen Seite steht der ideologische Wahnsinn. Solange Palästina sich dort fangen läßt, bleibt es im Unrecht. Den Palästinensern sei es geraten, sich von der Hamas und den anderen ideologischen Gruppen zu befreien. Nur so können sie Frieden und Koexistenz gewinnen.